Temporal Attentive Alignment for Video Domain Adaptation

Overall illustration for cross-domain action recognition.


Although various image-based domain adaptation (DA) techniques have been proposed in recent years, domain shift in videos is still not well-explored. Furthermore, there do not exist well-organized datasets to evaluate and benchmark the performance of DA algorithms for videos. Therefore, new datasets and approaches for video DA are desired.


Videos can suffer from domain shift along both the spatial and temporal directions, bringing the need of alignment for embedded feature spaces along both directions. However, most DA approaches focus on spatial direction only.

Our Approaches

We propose Temporal Attentive Adversarial Adaptation Network (TA3N) to simultaneously attend, align and learn temporal dynamics across domains. TA3N contains the following components:

  • TemRelation module: learn various local temporal features embedded with relation information in different temporal scales
  • Domain attention mechanism: align local features with larger domain discrepancy (i.e. contribute more to the overall domain shift)
    • Assign local features with attention weights calculated using domain entropy
The domain attention mechanism in TA3N (Thicker arrows correspond to larger attention weights).


We evaluate both small- and large-scale datasets, and achieve the state-of-the-art performance:

  • Quantitative results:
    The comparison of accuracy (%) with other approaches on UCF-HMDBfull (UCF –> HMDB).
  • Qualitative results:
    The comparison of t-SNE visualization between image-based DA and our approach (blue: source, orange: target).

Please check our paper for more results.


ICCV'19 Oral Presentation (please turn on closed captions):

ICCV'19 Oral Presentation (officially recorded):


Papers & Code




Slides (ICCV'19)
Poster (ICCV'19)


We propose two large-scale cross-domain action recognition datasets, UCF-HMDBfull and Kinetics-Gameplay.

The snapshots in the UCF-HMDBfull dataset.
The snapshots in the Kinetics-Gameplay dataset.

To download the dataset, please visit our GitHub.
Feel free to check our paper for more dataset details.

If you find this project useful, please cite our papers:


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1Georgia Institute of Technology   2Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC   3Binghamton University
*work partially done as a SIE intern

Min-Hung Chen1*
Zsolt Kira1
Ghassan AlRegib1
Jaekwon Yoo2
Ruxin Chen2
Jian Zheng3*
Min-Hung Chen
Min-Hung Chen
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My research interest is Learning without Fully Supervision.